6 Essential Development Tools to Organise and Speed Up Your Team Performance

Team building is a fundamental process that builds and develops shared goals, trust, commitment and accountability among team members within the workplace.

And for your development team to be as effective and productive as possible, you need to invest in the right tools in which your team will use to innovate, create, and grow at the same time. Here are 5 development tools every development team should adapt to organize and speed up their team performance effectively.

  • Tmux – This handy tool helps developers to switch between a series of multiple tasks simultaneously via one terminal. It’s one of the most resilient, easily adaptable session tools available which developers can use to enhance productivity and general sanity. Think of this program as multiple Chrome tabs fixed together, though launched on a single screen.
  • Sublime Text Editor – Since most developers spend most of their time writing massive tons of code, a high performance and easily customizable text editor comes in handy because it’s a vital part of tech. As such, Sublime Text allows your team to build highly impressive, great pieces of functional code together with plugins to enhance speed performance and effective speed when writing code.
  • New Relic – Your piece of software won’t likely change the world around you, unless your users get a great experience. New Relic allows your team to track all of your software you might be using in an organization and check their performance in real-time. Consequently, this allows you to easily troubleshoot issues when they arise and look for some viable solutions, essential to improve your software every day.
  • Wercker – To avoid any unpleasant hiccups in the development process, you need to test your overall work early and often. Wercker makes this possible, and allows your development team to easy setup automated testing and further application of new features.
  • Slack – In essence, there’s a good reason why Slack has experienced tremendous growth – it’s easy to use and allows teams to communicate effectively from virtually anywhere. This makes it much convenient for teams to easily share brilliant ideas among each other and ask for help whenever one encounters a problem that needs immediate fixing. Maybe one could be experiencing a problem operating a certain feature or has been attacked by bugs – such unpleasant situations need immediate backup.
  • HipChat – Lastly, Agile in HipChat has made a tremendous stride in the software mainstream, with their massively revolutionary app “HipChat,” which is another handy and highly resilient tool that makes some of the most seemingly difficult tasks at the workplace become much pleasant and fun to deal with.

Ideally, you’re able to easily connect with your team from virtually anywhere, easily share files and share innovative ideas among your team, and store useful data in the cloud where your team can gain access anytime they wish.

It’s a highly personalized app that helps you kick start your every day tasks at speed, while at the same time allows both you and your team to experience some fun together.

Above is a summary of top and the very best development tools every development team should adapt, to easily organize and speed up their team performance effectively within the workplace or in any organization. This will help keep your team members engaged, focused and motivated within all levels of work efficiency and enable them to survive the cut.

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