Don’t Forget Your Digital Documents When You Shred

Business owners in and around Toronto know the paper waste their office produce can contain sensitive material that should never make it into unprotected garbage and recycling bins. These files, accounting for financial records and contact information, can be used to open falsified accounts should they fall into the wrong hands. With federal laws regulating the way professionals can collect, store, and destroy this information, it’s common knowledge that an office must adopt a secure shredding routine in order to obey the law.

But paper records aren’t the only way your business collects information. As society digitizes so do your operations. Due to their convenience and storage capacity, digital servers are now replacing old-fashioned back rooms full of paper documents. Though they take up a tiny portion of the size of these physical copies, digital data is protected by the same privacy laws. The information it stores must be collected, kept, and destroyed in a certain way to uphold the utmost security. These regulations extend beyond just the life of a single file but the entire device as well – which is why you should ensure the shredding company you’ve hired to destroy physical records also offers secure electronic data destruction services in the GTA, too.

While retrieval of digital documents isn’t as simple as retrieving a paper document from the trash, it doesn’t take as much work as you would think. For those who are familiar with the internal mechanisms of a computer, they can easily locate a file on a discarded electronic — even those files that were supposedly deleted. Disk space is never completely wiped during deletion, which allows savvy criminals to uncover sensitive files. Only complete and utter destruction can ensure the disposed files will never find its way in the wrong hands.

A paper shredding company that has NAID-certified mobile shredders has the equipment capable of achieving this level of destruction. The blades in their shredders can incinerate any electronics your company needs destroyed, including but not limited to computers, external hard drives, CD-ROMS, memory sticks, and mobile phones. Anything that you, your employees, or company as a whole has used to store client information and important intellectual property can pass through their mobile shredders.

Establishing a routine that involves both paper shredding and electronic data destruction can ensure your business in on the right side of the law. NAID-certified mobile shredders will keep your private information safe, making sure fraudsters can’t uncover important details about your clients, employees or company. It’s the only way to keep your GTA business safe.

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