Pros and Cons of Dredging With a Belt Press

A belt press is an effective way of dewatering sludges and slurries. They’re a mainstay in the dredging world since they have advantages over other dewatering methods. However, belt presses also have their drawbacks. If you’re interested in using a belt press for your next project, let’s examine some pros and cons below.
• As compared to other dewatering methods including centrifuges, vacuum disk filters, and the plate and frame filter press, the belt press uses relatively lower pressures.
• Belt filters make less noise. The lack of noise makes for a more conductive work environment.
• They have quicker start up and shut down times. This means workers can use their time more efficiently, and don’t’ have to wait long for the machine to warm up or shut down.
• Belt presses can be easily adjusted and monitored at floor level.
• You can visibly observe the drying process. Other methods are closed so that you can’t see what’s going on.
• Simple and therefore reliable machines. Not as many complicated parts and processes as other methods.
• Doesn’t take a lot of manpower to operate. You can dedicate your staff to other tasks other than dewatering.
• Easy maintenance and long life. The simplicity of the machine makes it easy to maintain and repair.
• Low initial and running costs, as compared to other dewatering methods.
• High capacity throughput. It can process about four million gallons per day.

• They yield higher moisture content than centrifuges. The centrifuge yields a relatively lower moisture content.
• Some feeds must be well mixed from a digester before processing, otherwise the belt press won’t be able to effectively dewater the slurry or sludge. Some feeds might also damage the belt press if they don’t go through the digester first.
• Odor and volatile emissions in wastewater treatment may be problematic. You can remedy this by covering the filter, but then you can’t directly observe the dewatering process.
• The belt filter needs frequent washing, which takes a lot of water and time to complete.

If you feel like a belt press would best suit your dewatering needs, then check out our available belt press rental equipment today.

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