Save Your LG G5 from Damage – Get a Skin

While some of us will put in a ton of effort into researching the latest phones before we lock into a contract, the vast majority of us only put in the minimum amount of effort necessary to make a decision. Unless you’re seriously into gaming or tech in general, what helps us choose one smartphone over another is its style. Your phone is an extension of your personality, so it better match up with your tastes.

If your tastes demand more flair than what the typical black rectangle can offer you – including the newly modular design of the LG G5 – it’s high time you investigate what skins can do for your phone. Also known as wraps or decals, they’re a slim and simple piece of vinyl that attaches to the body of the phone. It clings effortlessly to the aluminum without adding any unnecessary bulk or interfering with its buttons, bezels, or speakers. Cut to fit down to the micro-millimeter, a LG G5 skin hugs the smartphone’s curves perfectly.

While they adhere to the G5 without any messy glue, they show off to the world your unique personality. When you shop from reputable retailers like dbrand, they’re available in a wide variety of designs, so you can find a color or texture that speaks to your fashion sense. You can opt for a sophisticated monochrome look that embraces red, yellow, or blue in all of its glory. You can deck out your G5 in a dbrand signature texture like concrete, zebra wood, or metallic. Or, you can find a combination of colors and textures to mix and match over the 3 distinct pieces the best decals LG G5 owners prefer. Go online and check out your options at and see which color combo works.

Wraps aren’t just a stylish addition to the G5. They also provide substantial protection for such a fragile device. Though thin enough to fit around the phone’s modular bezel, it’s strong enough to withstand whatever daily wear and tear can throw at it. Its surface will absorb the shock of the sharp edge of keys or the rough consistency of unfinished wood. Meanwhile the aluminum underneath remains unblemished. It will also stay clean, as LG G5 wraps are waterproof and grime-resistant, which will keep them free of dirt, grease, and sticky spills.

Who knew that embracing your creative side would come with so many advantages? Add a customized skin to your G5 and see what it can do for your phone. Not only will you have the most distinctive smartphone in your friend group, but you’ll also have the most protected, too.

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