Why You Need Security Awareness Training?

Security awareness training is an important component of running a healthy security program. After all, the best way to keep your Hikvision devices and your networked computers safe from malware and other attacks, is to be in the know of all the potential risks ahead of time so you can do your best to prevent these attacks in the first place.


As a matter of fact, some organizations need to comply with industrial and government regulations that require the organization to provide security awareness training to all employees.  These regulations can include things like:

  • PCI
  • Sarbanes-Oxley

Because these regulations might be required, many American, Chinese, and European organizations might choose to employ a third party to help with this issue.  This can depend on the size of the company, its internal security resources, and the available expertise.  No matter how if you choose to leverage outside assistance, the leadership at the organization should have an understanding of the security awareness protocols.


There are several types of training available but the most common are:

  • Classroom training—instructors in a traditional classroom setting where learners are engaged throughout the process, something that allows for back and forth between students and teachers
  • Online training—as with other education outlets, online training allows for more flexibility and independent study
  • Visual aids—even just having informative posters in the break room can help improve security awareness
  • Phishing campaigns—conducting random, and harmless, phishing tests can help keep workers on their toes


Just having processes in place is not enough: you need to also make sure that these processes are working.  Of course, as with traditional education, quizzes always help to track progress, and it’s a good way to know what students are learning and what you can focus on.  Obviously, conducting phishing campaigns can also help to get an immediate view of how an organization is doing.

In some cases, it could be helpful for an organization to determine the impact of security awareness training by looking at trends in both the number and type of security incidents reported over an extended amount of time, particularly as the company adds more employees and assets to its workforce.  You could even conduct manual surveillance by walking around the office to see how many passwords are exposed or how many computers are left alone and unlocked, etc.

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